The magic of the harvest.

The grape harvest is a true ritual that carries centuries of tradition with it.

The harvest is an annual tradition stretching back thousands of years. Techniques change, but the true essence of the lesson it teaches us never does: when we work in harmony with nature, tremendous results can be achieved. The harvest is part experience, part intuition; it’s hard toil and merriment; it’s the culmination of complex work processes and the magical celebration of our bond with the earth.

The start

Harvesting takes place between late August and late September or early October. The precise moment is determined by the oenologist and the agronomist after tasting the grapes and evaluating climatic and geographical factors.


The moment of harvesting marks the end of grape ripening and the beginning of the wine production process. It’s a moment of celebration, when the hard toil in the vineyards is repaid by the satisfaction that only such a precious harvest can provide.

Preparing the must

This is the phase in which the grapes are pressed to obtain the must. In days gone by the must was prepared by crushing the grapes barefoot in large vats. Today, technology has made this process much faster, but no less fascinating.


After preparing the must, the next phase is fermentation – the natural process which sees the must somehow magically transformed into wine.

For our Raboso, we keep the must in contact with the skins.

Sparkling wine production

Winemaking culminates with the sparkling winemaking process: during this phase, after fermentation and temperature-controlled storage at zero degrees, the must is transformed into sparkling wine and forms the world’s best loved Italian bubbles.